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The HUD 203k is the mediator between the homeowner, the general contractor, and the lenders. The HUD Consultant is responsible for the work to be done correctly, timely, and professionally. The role of the HUD 203k Consultant is the make sure that the construction that the construction funds are properly spent on the project. This is also the case with the Home Style® Renovation Loan and the VA Renovation Loan Program

HUD 203k Consultant


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) created the 203k loan program that allows buyers to purchase a home or refinance. their current home with minimum down payment. Funding is always available for improvements and renovations. We have the integrate role making sure your transaction will be successful all the way from feasibility Study to Work Write UP (WWU), including architectural exhibits.We look forward to hearing from you.

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As 203k Consultants We have been providing 203k and Homestyle® project development successfully since 2010 providing architectural exhibits and drawings and on budget specification of repairs for the successful closing of loan in the process. 

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We make 203k Loans Simple to process

Close 203k Loans us, we can develop your transaction to close fast!

Renovation Remodeling Complete

The FHA 203k, HomeStyle®, and VA .loans all provide 100% financing. We work with you to create a scope of work, so that you can know what budjejt to work with for your contractor to bid the job  

Commercial Mixed Use

Commercial/Residential Mixed use  projects can  be funeded with 3% down payment for any of the renovation projects. Call us first to complete your transaction. 

We have the Consulting Team

The renovation programs are FHA 203k Renovation, Homestyle® Renovation, and VA renovation.

We can help you find a lender that will provide you with fast turn around closings!


Since the 1930"s theFHA (The Federal Housing Administration) have been providing Americans with the chance to make major Improvements to tier property and homes by means of the FHA loan program. Almost 40 million homes have reap the benefits of these programs and the Government has branched out to meet the needs of low income households, the disabled and the elderly.

One of the programs that the FHA offers is the 203k program which which allows people to buy a homes that need some TLC or repairs, and forking out a lump sum of cash upfront. The program will provide the affordable solution to help pay for repairs or renovations,so that families can move right into a nice home without the considerable expense making it fit for living in.

It can be a fairly in depth procedure and although there can be lots of requirements and paperwork, it is a fantastic way for people to make the necessary changes without over extending themselves. 


"Best decision ever!"

"I was buying a home and ran into so many overwhelming road blocks. A friend suggested a 203k Consultant and mentioned California 203k Consultant . Best decision ever! "

- We can help you as well see our reviews on Yelp! 

"My business is now thriving!"

"I knew I'd be needing some guidance and an overall overhaul if I wanted to make it another ten years. They helped with cost studies, marketing strategies. Through his performance management, my business is now thriving!

- Carl Cats, Houston Texas


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