Foundation Cripple Wall

A short wall that rests on the foundation and supports the floor and exterior walls of a structure. Should your home be equipped with such walls it’s a very good idea to have them seismically braced especially if you live in one of California’s high earthquake zones. During a lateral type seismic event an unbraced cripple wall can have a hinge effect and the back and forth shaking can result of structural collapse.

Bracing a foundation cripple wall is not rocket science, but is basic engineering and we normally recommend any planned structural modifications should be first looked at and approved by a state licensed structural engineer.

Cripple Wall Bracing using the 203K Renovation Loan Program

A cripple wall receives all the earthquake force of the building.

Fred Sweezer Sr
Certified Home Inspector
Certified 203K HUD Consultant S0712
FHA Compliance Inspector T477

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